Where is the boxing Amsterdam studio located?

boxing clubThe boxing Amsterdam studio is located in the Warsaw Highway. It is not too far from the Cape Kolomna, m. Nagatinskaya am Tula. The design of the martial art club is for the people who are very serious, active and motivated. This could results as the best place for those who cannot stand the usual fitness and want something greater and worth learning and real. If a person wants to feel strong, flexible, agile and mobile, this is the best place for him or her. If you want to become the master of the type of martial art that you like, say if you like boxing. You cannot find a better boxing school for yourself. The club also gives you the proper boxing gear, is you want to start it from the beginning.


The boxing Amsterdam works in the sections, which are unforgettable for the players. The player not only experiences the change in his or her body but personality of the person changes overall. The coaches here are the best that you could find in the boxing schools of all around the world. The teachers here teach the correct ways to vent aggression, to distinguish between emotions and spirit, to develop skills of self-defense. The coaches also recommend wearing the boxing gears at the time of practice to protect the players from injuries.


A true professional is always a little psychologist; this helps him to find the balance between activity and rest, tension and relaxing and escaping the pressure of eternity. The boxing Amsterdam club builds the boxers with these skills. The boxing schools over the world can teach their players, the different techniques of fighting and defense but this club teaches the players to act in the correct way even when they are in a very critical condition. According to the boxing Amsterdam club, proper boxing techniques protect the players more than the protective boxing gears.

Why is boxing in the Amsterdam club so famous?

boxing clubThe Elite fight club on the waterfront Nagatinskaya is one of the best boxing schools that offer the possibility of self-development in the game. The approach of the school is very different from the usual sports centre over the world, where the players simply mix with the crowd to join the fashion fitness. The school offers the best boxing gears and the best techniques to meet success. It is one of the best branches of the boxing Amsterdam in the whole Moscow.


The boxing Amsterdam studio is the only fight club in Moscow, which offers the players with a unique training on several stages. The boxing school allows every player to choose combat, as it is a source of satisfying the players’ ability, aptitudes and needs. Each course of training in the Elite club of boxing at the Kolomna has variations for those who want to involve in serious sports and for the players who simply wants to improve their skills of self-defense. However, the game uses proper boxing gears but self-defense is still a great reason.


Most of the boxing schools that are a branch of the boxing Amsterdam have a yoga section, which allows developing and strengthening the players’ body and at the same time help them to learn meditative thinking, concentration and calmness. The body of the players becomes more flexible and easier. Moreover, the attitude of the players gets free and wiser. In addition to that, the players use protective boxing gears at the time of practice to avoid any kind of injuries. The boxers of the Elite club are more calm and free than the other boxers of various boxing schools.

Rules and scoring of the Amateur boxing

BOXINGWhether it is the boxing Amsterdam or any other boxing school in the world, the rules of the amateur boxing game are the same and at the same time very important as well. The player of the amateur boxing group use more protective boxing gears than, the professional boxing players. A young boxer of 12-16 years of age can train and compete against the other children of the same age in the amateur fights. For all the young boxers, who take part in the local fights, the game falls under jurisdiction of the local sports amateur body or the amateur boxing association. On the other hand, the international boxing matches fall under the international Amateur boxing association.



Since, the amateur boxing protects younger boxers, proper boxing gears and specific rules are there for the amateurs for all matches, this does not have any concern to the local or international bouts. The authority assigns the boxers with either blue or the red strips. Both the boxers have to take part in the match by wearing protective headgear. The gloves of the young boxers should weigh ten ounces with a white strip on the central hitting area, covering the knuckles. Most of the boxing schools use the same type of gloves to make their players use to, of the same type of gloves. Even the boxing Amsterdam uses the same gloves for their amateur boxers.



The announcements of the winners of the amateur boxing matches are based on the points that the players score in comparison of the professional boxing, which uses knockout blows for scoring. Most bouts are very fast and the actions of the boxers are furious, as the competition limits to only three or four 2-minutes rounds, instead of the standard 12-round matches for the professionals. Most of the boxing schools teach most aggressive boxing skills to their boxers. The amateur boxers of the boxing Amsterdam association focus more towards the game and they are very calm in comparison of the other players. In the amateur boxing, the players are also more protective than the professional boxers are, as the professionals use almost no boxing gears in their bouts.

Boxing is the game for people who have guts

boxing club There are many games, which people all over the world enjoy to play. a lot of them are just fun and do not involve any risk. Whereas, there are some games that are very risky but very enjoyable at the same time. Boxing is one of such games. Most of the professionals in the game say that, boxing is the game for people who have the guts, the stamina and the power to beat their opponents. In order to become a good boxer, the players have to join a good boxing school. Most of the boxing schools arrange the boxing gears for their players. The boxing Amsterdam is the famous boxing association.


Boxing Amsterdam brings the best boxers of all time. They offer the best boxing gears to their players. People who live in Amsterdam do not have to look for the boxing schools, as they have the best of them all. However, no champion attains his title overnight. He passes through different stages of boxing to become a professional boxer that qualifies to fight internationally. However, most boxers have innate talents of the sport, it is very important to understand the basics before competing with the real deal.


Not only boxing Amsterdam but in all boxing schools over the world, basics gets more priority than any other thing. They amateur boxing offers the younger players to explore the world of boxing not only to become a professional but also to develop the confidence and the discipline in the game. The players need to focus on his or her skills most importantly to become a good boxer. The amateur boxing is a way to learn the fundamentals of the sports. Such as defense, proper stance, body balancing and offensive techniques. However, conditioning and training the arms, legs and body is also important factor to fit a boxing match. Proper boxing gears also play a very important role in the upbringing of a boxer.

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